What’s inside Harvey Nichols’ new eco-luxe Clean Beauty Box

You may already be aware that the world is undergoing a clean revolution. The obsession with ‘clean’ has escalated for a long while, starting with food: maybe you’re the type to only buy organic chicken and pesticide-free produce at the grocery store. Perhaps you stick to eating ‘clean’ and try to stay away from all things processed.

Aside from what goes in our mouths, the same obsession for ‘less is more’ in avoiding additives goes for everything else we consume, from ethical clothing to yes, the moisturisers and masks we slather on at night.

However, with health-consciousness as ubiquitous as it is these days, so have the words ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ begun to increasingly dominate beauty and food labels — to the point where they start to lose meaning. What is truly ‘natural’ and ‘organic?’ Not many people realise that there are often no labelling regulations for products deemed ‘natural’ or ‘eco’ (particularly by the FDA and USDA in the United States), and anything labelled ‘organic’ — unless certified — rarely means that they’re actually free of synthetic additives.

For those looking to eventually phase out chemicals and toxins from their lifestyles, it can be a challenge to sift through every product on commercial shelves. It takes a knack for reading labels and knowing the kinds of hidden dangers present in mass consumer products — for instance, cancer-causing formaldehyde rearing its head in secret forms across products like nail polish, face cleansers and sheet masks.

Thankfully, there are a great number of niche, boutique products from around the globe that champion transparency and the use of non-toxic ingredients. These products actively avoid the nasty and questionable ingredients that you often hear about, including parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, chemical sunscreens and more — all ingredients that have been linked to hormone disruption, skin irritation, cancer and long-term skin damage.

If you’ve ever wished for a starter pack of such products that can set you on the right track — it now exists in the form of the Clean Beauty Box launched by Harvey Nichols. Priced at HK$1,480, the box contains a carefully curated set of eight award-winning and international cult beauty favourites, in a mix of both travel and full sizes.

The Beauty Box is planned to be a long-term fixture at Harvey Nichols, featuring seasonally changing products. For the inaugural box set, we took a peek inside to give you a rundown of the clean beauty products you can expect to find to help kick start your clean makeup and skincare habit.

Harvey Nichols, Landmark, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong, +852 3968 2668

The ONE’s Beauty Bazaar by Harvey Nichols, 100 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, +852 3906 2388

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LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt (15g)

LXMI is one of the leaders in the socially conscious sphere for not only producing a pure, nature-derived product, but also for employing marginalised women in the Nile River Valley. Their LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt is essentially a nut butter made from cold pressed nilotica nut, which contains 25% more fatty acids than the more commonly used shea. Intensely moisturising without feeling greasy, it can be used as a balm, a luxurious cream, or even as a nighttime mask to lock in all the moisture before bed. Each individual full-sized tub of LXMI melt also has a unique registration number, which you can use to log on at LXMI.com to learn about the tub’s exact provenance: the lady who made your product, date of harvest, location, wages paid to the harvesters, and more.

Retail price HK$480/30g


SkinOwl Beauty Whip (23g)

Put down your açai berry smoothies and serums, because this beauty product uses the next level antioxidant and superfruit, Patagonian Maqui Berry, to full effect: promising you that glossy, glowy look that everyone covets. SkinOwl’s Beauty Whip is intended for all skin types, and the formula also incorporates potent hydrators such as hyaluronic acid, organic olive and jojoba oils, and organic rooibos. It’s meant to be used as a creamy face mask, but you can also use one pump as a makeup primer.

Retail price HK$630/57g


Kari Gran Lip Whip (7ml)

The name is as apt as it gets, because this eco-luxe lip balm feels almost identical to slathering whipped butter on your lips. Friends Kari Gran and Lisa Strain created this super soft, rich yet airy formula so that it would glide on effortlessly for gorgeous colour on the lips. It’s super glossy and made without a single drop of petroleum, while distributing shockingly full pigmentation in red, orchid and oxblood tones as well as sheer pink tones.

Retail price HK$190/7ml


Lina Hanson Global Face Serum (5ml)

Celebrities such as Emma Stone and Natalie Portman can credit their faces to makeup artist Lina Hanson, owner of an eponymous luxury skincare brand that carefully sources ingredients from women’s co-ops and farmers around the globe. The brand’s Global Face Serum is not only a powerful hydrator and environmental protectant (with ingredients such as baobab, argan and marula oils), but it’s also a very good primer. One sweep may look oily, but once the serum has absorbed fully into the skin you’ll be flaunting a glowy look and smooth natural base in no time. It also helps to improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles — what’s not to love?

Retail price HK$780/30ml


Briogeo Gel-to-Oil Overnight Repair Treatment (59ml)

This full sized tube of hair mask by Briogeo is unlike most leave-in conditioners in that it’s a very unique consistency, starting out from a pliable gel which melts into a nourishing oil in the palm of your hand, which you can then massage into your tresses before you sleep. Made from its signature NOVA complex (Natural Oils, Vitamins, Antioxidants), it’s also a “6-Free” hair care formula, with no sulfates, silicones, phthalates, parabens, DEA or artificial dyes. The oil does end up making your hair slightly greasy, so you’ll have to rinse out in the morning, but you’ll achieve instantly sleek, shiny and super soft natural locks — even before you need to reach for the conditioner.

Retail price HK$240/59ml


Fur Oil (14ml)

You have beauty oils for the hair on your head, but what about for your hair… down there? Included in the Beauty Box is Fur Oil, one of the first body oils made just for pubic hair. Used after showering, the 100% natural formula (cruelty-free without any preservatives, alcohol or silicon used) is lightweight and helps to soften hair, as well as clear pores to reduce in-growns, bumps and irritation — meaning it works well for those who wax and shave too. If it’s good enough for down there, it pretty much works for any other hair on your body, too. Actress Emma Watson reportedly uses Fur Oil for “anywhere from the ends of her hair to her eyebrows.” Might that explain her luscious natural arches?

Retail price HK$420/75ml


Évolué Hydrating Serum (30ml)

You may already be worshipping the almighty moisturising qualities of hyaluronic acid to help smooth and plump up your skin texture. Beverly Hills brand Évolué offers a big boost in absorption ability versus your run-of-the-mill serum by delivering hyaluronic acid in a low-molecular-weight, which means it can penetrate the skin much easier. Amazingly, it only has three ingredients: water, hyaluronic acid and citrus grandis, or grapefruit seed extract.

Retail price HK$650/30ml


Lué by Jean Seo Erase Powder (56g)

Sister brand to Évolué, Lué can be seen as its counterpart range offering a daily three-step skincare regimen: Erase, Balance (hydrating serum), and Clear (anti-acne serum). Here, Erase is a cleansing, exfoliating and brightening gommage that comes in a powder formula of non-fat milk powder (it sounds weird but makes sense for pH-balancing purposes), finely milled whole oats and a tiny bit of magnesium carbonate. Just mix it with water to create a scrub-like consistency: it’s mild enough for everyday use, and helps to balance and clear your skin while smoothing out texture for radiant looking skin.

Retail price HK$150/56g