Video: Interview with Rupert Sanderson at Elements

Updated on January 29 2014

Believe it or not, Rupert Sanderson has never tried his own shoes on. This surprises us, even if the idea of a male shoe designer forcing his toes into a pointy high heel might sound odd in itself.

“I have a very abstract relationship with my own shoes,” he told us at the Rupert Sanderson VIP cocktail event at Elements last Thursday, 25 July 2013.

“It’s like an architect who never lives in the buildings they have designed, they are never ultimately responsible for the day to day operating of their creations.”

For Fall/Winter 2013, Sanderson has created a fierce collection of sandals and booties for all types of women. When asked who he designs for, he replied, “It’s always the question I dread the most because I don’t have a particular woman in mind.”

“There is a certain confidence and sense of self that I hope the women who buy my shoes have, so it tends to be decision makers in their own organisations. People like gallerists, architects, journalists — people who have a point of view.”

In our video from the Elements VIP cocktail, Sanderson explains the inspiration behind his sushi embroidered heels and bullet tasseled loafers.

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